And so it was time for the next release, 0.3. You can read about whats new elsewhere...


Today BoomBox-0.2 was released. It features video playback/visualizer and has had some UI updates for people who use the mouse. Sorry about the long silence here, but I have been partying/studying/surfing here in Melbourne (nice place!). Also have had to develop without access to Qt-documentation, which can be a bit challenging.


Today I decided it was time for a bugfix release, although I haven't had the time to fix everything I wanted. I'm going away for a while now, gonna study CS in Australia. That will mean less programming, more surfing. =) Bought myself a laptop though, so hopefully development won't come to a complete halt. Anyone who wants to keep it alive are very welcome, however small the contribution is.


We've found a bug which makes 'make install' not installing the icon theme to the right directory. The solution until the upcoming next release is to install BoomBox to /usr instead of /usr/local.


New design of website! Added a download page and some download instructions. Waiting for the crowd now =)


First public release! I decided it was time to release 0.1 today. The app has worked without any serious bugs for a couple of weeks now, during which I have polished it quite a bit. Also wrote a gentoo ebuild. Download and install instuctions should appear here shortly.


Wrote a whole lotta shit to put here and uploaded these pages for the first time. Logo